Get the only Spend Card

that includes your full VAT refund. Automatically.

Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® helps you control spending while getting your VAT back where it belongs…in your account

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Get the most from your Spend Card

Get the most from your Spend Card

The advanced Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® spend card empowers employees to make approved business-related purchases. Our mobile app makes receipt submission and invoice capture easy.

Control budgets, place spending caps, and limit payments to approved vendors through our flexible rules’ engine using a single dashboard. All spending is trackable to the purchaser and meets company policy.

Replace your expense management system (EMS) with a flexible card that simplifies payments and eliminates bureaucracy, combining invoice and expense management with automated VAT reclaim capabilities.


Using the Spend Card


Using the Spend Card

Manage :
  • subscriptions
  • accounts payable
  • travel expenses
from every employee card, with full control, compliance, and visibility.

Your dashboard will sort expenses by merchant, expense category, date, amount, and frequency, and when issues arise, your employees’ cards can be deactivated remotely.


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Best of all, we offer the only Spend Card with a built-in VAT reclaim function that automatically creates and submits your claim to local and foreign tax authorities.

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Is the The Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® a credit card?

The Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® is a Mastercard debit card. It is accepted with any vendor who takes Mastercard, provided that the purchase meets your company’s policies.

Is the Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® safe?

Yes. The money you deposit to fund the card is protected through a process called safeguarding, which is a regulatory requirement for all EMIs.

What is included with the Smart Spend Debit Mastercard®?

The Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® package includes the following:

  • Smart Spend Debit Mastercard®
  • Full access to all management tools
  • Full dashboard access
  • Automated local and foreign VAT reclaim
  • Receipt and invoice management tools
  • Reporting
  • Expense and reimbursement tracking
  • Automatic reconciliation between invoices and expenses

What countries is the Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® available in?

Initial rollout will occur in the United Kingdom, Europe and with further expansion planned for Australia and North America

Does Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® replace by EMS or integrate with it?

The Smart Spend Debit Mastercard® is a standalone, end-to-end solution that replaces your EMS system.

How quickly can I get started using the card?

You will receive your card within 7 business days of enrollment. You will have access to the dashboard and control tools once your account is open.

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